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ODBC Navigator
What is it?
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Executing queries

The general purpose of the ODBC Navigator is debugging of SQL queries. That's why "SQL editor" window has a lot of functionality while remains easy to use.

SQL editor window

Fig 4: SQL editor window
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To execute your command, type it in the editor window (top) and press F9.  If the execution takes a long time, you can always abandon it.  When the execution of your query is complete, you will see its results in the message pane (middle).  If there was an error, the message will be highlighted with red.

If a block of text is selected when you press F9, only this block will be executed.  It is useful to keep several queries in one editor window.

"Eliminate comments" option in the options dialog box prevents passing comments to the ODBC driver.  This feature allows to comment out some parts of the SQL query, even if ODBC driver does not support comments, as Microsoft Access.

If the executed command produces a dataset (as SELECT statement), data will be shown in the datasheet window (bottom).  ODBC Navigator provides some extra possibilities to process this data. See next section for details.

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