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Browsing database structure

You can explore the entire structure of the database in the "Database tree" window.

Database tree window

Fig 2: Database tree window
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The top level nodes are catalogs.  The second level nodes represent schemas.  Note, that the actual mean of "catalog" and "schema" terms depends on concrete DBMS.  In particular, if the caption of a node is empty, it means the driver does not support catalogs and/or schemas.

The leaf nodes represent database objects.  The object classification also depends on ODBC driver.  Standard types of the objects are table, system table, view, procedure, function.  The driver can add some DBMS-specific kinds of objects, e.g. synonyms.

If the object is table, system table, or view, you can explore object structure by double-clicking on it or view stored data by invoking appropriate function through the popup menu.

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